There’s a rumor on your site’s message board of a house a county over that’s been vacant for a decade. One of the members found it while going on a walk.

They warned that it’s invested with spiders, though.

Explore an old house! Take photos! Befriend a shy spider guy!

~8k words, with 2 endings. Features some exploration. Playing in fullscreen is recommended.

There's a SFW mode for those who wish to play without the NSFW bits. (There aren’t many changes until the fourth day.)

The pairings/fetishes featured are:

  • M/F or M/M
  • Teratophilia (spider person)
  • Size difference
  • Light bondage

Partially inspired by this story and this post.


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Why did I find this scary??

I think I got the bad ending??? Idk

They aint even know each other a week and they fuck and wanna move in together.

So good. Would have liked a little more involvement like the first day but I'm completely ok with the story.