There’s a rumor on your site’s message board of a house a county over that’s been vacant for a decade. One of the members found it while going on a walk.

They warned that it’s invested with spiders, though.

Explore an old house! Take photos! Befriend a shy spider guy!

~8k words, with 2 endings. Features some exploration. Playing in fullscreen is recommended.

There's a SFW mode for those who wish to play without the NSFW bits. (There aren’t many changes until the fourth day.)

The pairings/fetishes featured are:

  • M/F or M/M
  • Teratophilia (spider person)
  • Size difference
  • Light bondage

Partially inspired by this story and this post.

Development log


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I feel a bit stupid do you play it as M/M? It's always M/F and I don't see gender options anywhere.

Oh my gosh, this is too cute! I love how wholesome it is!

As much as I kinda hate saying it, I wouldn't mind reading a sequel 👀 even without 18+ it was so sweet and easy to imagine and invest into the story. I actually loved it, and I think I hate spiders a little less now.


How do I get the NSFW version? I reach day 4 and Poet and the protag just sleep together, but the next day they say "last night was amazing", so I assume something was meant to happen on day 4. Did I miss something?

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I am SO sorry, I accidentally set it to the SFW mode by default in my last update. *facepalm* It's fixed now, there should be a nsfw warning when you start the game! Unfortunately I'm not sure if old saves will work so you might have to start it over again.

Thank you for your patience!


so fucking cute thank you

You're welcome, and thank you!


Spider spunk..




Adorbs 👌

Thank you!! :D


very cute ^^ nice work

Thank you!!


Why did I find this scary??


I think I got the bad ending??? Idk

There's two endings! You get the bad ending if you miss a clue on day 1.


So good. Would have liked a little more involvement like the first day but I'm completely ok with the story.

Thank you for the feedback, glad you liked it! :D